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How to open DEMAT account? 

· Step 1. Fill up Demat online or Physical account opening form and submit along with copies of the required documents and a passport-sized photograph. You also need to have a citizenship card. Also carry the original documents for verification.


· Step 2. You will be provided with a copy of the rules and regulations, the terms 

Of the agreement and the charges that you will incur. 


· Step 3. During the process, an In-Person Verification would be carried out. A member of the DP’s staff would contact you to check the details provided in the Demat account opening form. 


· Step 4. Once the application is processed, the DP will provide you with a Demat account number and a client ID. You can use the details to access your Demat account online and please collect CRN from your concerned bank which help you to apply IPO’S and FPO. 


· Step 5. As a Demat account holder, you would need to pay some fees like the annual maintenance fee levied for maintenance of the Demat account and the transaction fee -- levied for debiting securities to and from the account on a monthly basis. These fees differ from every service provider (called a Depository Participant or DP). While some DPs charge a flat fee per transaction, others peg the fee to the transaction value, and are subject to a minimum amount. The fee also differs based on the kind of transaction (buying or selling). In addition to the other fees, the DP also charges a fee for converting the shares from the physical to the electronic form or vice-versa. 


· Step 6. Minimum shares: A Demat account can be opened with no balance of shares. It also does not require that a minimum balance be maintained.

· Step 7.  For Renewal and payment of FEE use mesosphere through our URL. www.provident.com.np . For  Instant Demat  Click Here


To open a Demat account, you need to submit proofs of identity and address along with a passport size photograph and the Demat account opening form. Only photocopies of the documents are required for submission, but originals are also required for verification.

Demat Opening Form for Resident and Non-Resident : For Download Form Click here

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